In the autumn of 2006 our customers inspired us to start our new project Lake31. We wanted this new model to have the excellent sailing qualities of our L95-type boats, the convenience of the 45sqm national cruisers and straightforward handling. One of the most important points of attention with this new boat was that, next to its excellent sailing qualities, it would also be suited for families.


The modern appearance and the comfort is the trademark of this boat. See here for yourself and get an impression of our Lake31.

Regatta Dates

You can participate in a lot of different races with our boats. Find here a brief overview of the events in 2016.


In our brochure you will find all necessary informations about our Lake31. From features to equipment.

Construction / Development

The cockpit of the boat is especially large and the cockpit floor is fitted with a sump, where incoming water is collected and transported to the exterior by an automatic pump. The stern is equipped with a foldable boarding ladder and the sails can be handled in the easiest possible way. The boat is fully qualified for single-handed sailing, while the electric motor with 2.8kW makes manoeuvring in small harbours a walk in the park. Furthermore the motor will help you mastering calms. The spacious cabin, the big cockpit and smart detailed solutions provide an enormous space for all sailing enthusiasts. You can enjoy a nice afternoon on the water with your family and friends in a tranquil and tidy ambience. Equipment like the refrigerator, radio, and iPod connection as well as a foldable table make your stay on board even more comfortable. The model Lake31 is available with an ethanol fuel cell, which can charge the batteries exclusive of a connection for power supply without any problems. So you are not bound to a berth at a jetty anymore but can tie the boat to a buoy without having to worry about its batteries. This is another step towards offering maximum possible convenience and independence.

Main dimensions

Description Dimension
Length 9.50 m
Beam 2.43 m
Draught 1.40 m
Weight 2500 kg
Ballast 1100 kg
Sail area 43 m2

Advantages over traditional wooden boats

  • The could moulded hull is extremely rigid, complete watertight, no swelling, no shrinking and no cracking of the hull during winter storage
  • Modern and durable varnish systems enable longer maintenance intervals.
  • The spacious cockpit gives you the freedom of movement at all times.
  • Three bulkheads keep the boat floating for a long time incase of an emergency.
  • High quality and custom made fittings guaranty a safe handling of the boat in heavy wind conditions.
  • Two electric pumps simplify the draining of the cockpit.
  • The powerful electric motor with 2.8kW makes maneuvering the boat in the harbour easy and comfortable.


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