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Since the formation of our boat yard have we been building and repairing successful boats for satisfied customers from around the world. The successes at championships underline the potential of our boats that are constantly adapted to new technical challenges. But it’s not only in the field of regattas where we want to establish new ideas and concepts, but also in the traditional classes. With our model L95, L95CR and Lake35 we have created new classes that combine traditional properties with the modern possibilities of new materials and building as well as construction ways. But not only the building of new models offers new challenges for us. During the restoration of old and new wooden boats we also employ all of our experience during the restoration process and in this way bring old and modern classics back to life. Starting with personal production to complete restorations we can offer a complete range of services for transport, care, maintenance, and storage (water berths, summer and winter berths), too.


Family business Bootswerft Markus Glas GmbH has been founded in Possenhofen in 1924. Four generations ago Markus Glas...

Regatta Dates

You can participate in a lot of different races with our boats. Find here a brief overview of the events in 2017.

Second Hand

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The dynamic qualities ideal for sailing and its noble wooden appearance are a successful combination, which enables a brilliant and above all secure handling in all conditions.


Based on our successful type we now follow up with a cruising version with a large, lowered reclining area on the after deck for non-stop swimming fun and relaxation.


The 3G-series is the further development of our MAX06-model. With innovations in fabrication and fittings the boat is pushing the limits to a new standard.

45sqm national cruiser

The boat proofed itself as very fast and reliable at races. It performs great in light and heavy conditions and the cockpit impresses with its functionality.


The spacious cabin, the big cockpit and smart detailed solutions provide an enormous space for all sailing enthusiasts. Enjoy a nice afternoon on the water with your family and friends.


An extended waterline, a modern rig, and an extremely rigid moulded hull make it possible that this boat moves quickly and safely on water in all circumstances.

Craftsmanship since 1924


Family business Bootswerft Markus Glas GmbH has been founded in Possenhofen in 1924. Four generations ago Markus Glas ―a trained waggon-maker― started building small dinghies, fishing barges, and cruising centreboarders. Later he added cruising and racing motor boats, with which chartered engineer Markus Glas ―now already in the second generation― was able to win many international titles and a world record. Aided by varying design engineers (most often Marconi) and these successes the boats became well known rather quickly. Not only because they were fast but also because appearance and quality met the vision of customers.

But when the era of racing boats on inland waters drew to a close, a different orientation was needed. Consequently the building of sailing boats was forced. Specific attention in this move was placed on the dragon. Due to the special talent of Markus Wolfgang Glas, more titles could be collected, which had a very positive effect on the order situation. One time world champion, five times European champion, and twelve times German champion were the basis for building more than 200 dragons sold to all countries of Europe and which made lake Starnberg to the place with the largest dragon fleet in the world.

In order to be able to respond even more to the demands of the customers, together with chartered engineer Klaus Röder in 1995 Markus Wolfgang Glas developed the L95-type boat, in 2001 the 45-class national cruiser and in 2010 the Lake35 and L95CR. Tailor-made for Bavarian inland waters, in particular the L95 and L95CR turned into one of the most favourite products of our boat yard.

Regatta Dates 2017

Race Club Class Date
Oberland L SVOS L95 / L95CR 27. - 28. May 2017
Bodenseewoche KYC 45er / Lake35 / L95 / L95CR 08. - 11. June 2017
Geheimrat Kustermann BYC 45er / Lake35 / L95 / L95CR 15. June 2017
Bucentaur Peis BYC L95 / L95CR 24. June 2017
L95 Einhand YCP L95 / L95CR 25. June 2017
Josef Preis CYC L95 / L95CR 08. - 09. July 2017
Gold Pokal BYC 45er / Lake35 / L95 / L95CR 08. July 2017
Vidi Pokal MYC 45er / Lake35 / L95 / L95CR 09. July 2017
Legno Vagante Preis YCP L95 / L95CR 22. - 23. Juli 2017
Prinz Ludwig Preis BYC 45er 04. - 06. August 2017
Deutschland Cup YCP 45er 11. - 13. August 2017
Prinzessin Irmingard Preis BYC L95 / L95CR 16. September 2017

Second Hand Market

If you want to sell your boat, we would be happy to help you. Please feel free to send us a Message.

Dragon - GER916

Manufacturer: Markus Glas GmbH
Year of manufacture: 1998
Hull/Deck: White GRP hull with teak deck, trimm line: blue
Equipment: 2 set of sails (main, genoa), 1 spinnaker, 1 all over tarpaulin, trailer "Kufer" (good condition)
Prize: € 28.000.-*

*sale on customer's order